Athletes and gym class

should students be required to take gym class everyday pros and cons

Leave a Comment If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. I am sure many schools, including a lot of small ones, will be watching how things work out with Cresskill, a Group 1 power in several sports.

Why high school athletes should be required to take pe

And playing a sport should fulfill the physical aspect of physical education. With each sport comes a unique training and strengthening program that should count towards a student's gym requirement. They wouldn't have any advantages, as both classes would receive grades, and both classes would benefit the students' individual needs of either physical education or study time. According to the NCAA, only about , of 8 million high school athletes ever compete at the next level. While participating in physical education requirements, the overall obesity rates in students will gradually decrease. The importance of lifelong healthy habits is being instilled outside of school; therefore, there is no need for students to supplement this with an average of three hours of gym class per week. Since I was fulfilling my need to exercise on a daily basis, I thought it would be smart to use that elective class to take another class that I was required to take to graduate. The intensity of playing a varsity sport far exceeds the intensity of gym class. This is why Archambault believes that every student should have to participate in gym, to reinforce strategies in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. Majority of the athletes are doing substantially more work at their games or practices then they would be doing in a classical PE class. Just because they are getting exercise outside of the school day does not mean they are better than any other student. If you are in the band why should you have to go to a class for it? Physical education classes at Hall are not supposed to mimic a sports practice. The possibility of student athletes not taking gym while in season could possibly lead to a boost in grades and lessened injuries and overall happier and less stressed out students. While a free period to complete academic work would provide athletes with the time that is currently available to non-athletes after school, it may not actually give athletes an advantage.

If they satisfy the level of activity expected of them, the student could be exempt from gym. Cancel Student athletes at Hall High School are questioning the importance of physical education in their daily schedules.

why should students take gym class

Even on days where I only had practice I still needed the energy to practice well. Varsity athletes receive rigorous workouts along with teamwork and communication skills, which would otherwise be taught in gym class, during their practices and games that occur after school.

should students who play sports year round be required to take physical education courses

If an athlete obtains an injury in gym class, some PE teachers do not take said injuries as seriously as they should.

With each sport comes a unique training and strengthening program that should count towards a student's gym requirement.

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Should Athletes Have To Take Gym Class?