British criminal justice system rots with discrimination from the inside

It is through imperial policy that people were divided into the racialised groups we know today, and institutional racism is a legacy of this colonial construction.

race and ethnic discrimination in the criminal justice system

All these questions and many more have to be seriously explored. But this was far from the experience of most British people, especially Daily Mail readers. So, what conclusions do these facts lead to? Black on black crime?

racism in the criminal justice system pdf

Historical roots This is a contemporary problem that also has a historical context. But we are seeing more and more young people graduating from university, with the analytical skills to navigate legal and political institutions, but with fewer prospects for gainful employment than the generation before.

I want to see the police protecting people better and responding to violence and harm better. Yet whites and blacks engage in drug offenses, possession and sales, at roughly comparable rates - according to a report on race and drug enforcement published by Human Rights Watch in May

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How deep is Britain's racism problem?