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Unemployment is becoming an epidemic that is affecting America at an alarming rate. The fewer the number of people employed, the larger is the number of people who are unemployed. Securing a job in such a working environment is extremely difficult and may discourage people from looking for jobs as well as forcing those already in jobs to quit Dawson The immobility of the work or labour force is one major reason for unemployment as well.

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The countries unemployment rate is currently 9. Once more job opportunities are created, the unemployment rate is sure to come down a great deal. If someone retires, goes back to school or leaves the workforce to take care of children or other family members, that is not unemployment because they no longer look for work. It is a major issue which exists the world over: Unemployment is an issue which does not exist in just one location. New technology results in some employees being involved partially in production activities, which leads to frustration. Effects or Consequences of Unemployment: 1. Fredman, Josh. They could have stopped working to raise children, get married or care for elderly relatives. It has adversely affected the unemployment situation largely in two ways.

Jobs have become increasingly specialized: Big companies provide their employees with a large number of benefits and facilities. It is for this reason that countries try their best to have proper economic policies so that at no point in time do they find themselves in a problematic situation.

When claim for goods and services lowers, there is a limited production that requires few workers Stone There are many reasons why people are unemployed, but in turn this state of unemployment can cause one to experience financial, emotional, and personal problems.

Unless a person fulfils all the requirements, he or she will not even be considered for the position at hand.

Most people in employment use their incomes to get mortgages and other forms of financing Stone It is for this very reason that from a very young age kids should be encouraged to broaden their horizons. The creation of more job opportunities: The workforce of any country usually makes up a large part of its population.

Even the most developed countries in the world have to deal with this issue.

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Many bosses believe that hiring 5 competent people on board is better than having 20 average people. It is very sad indeed that because so many people are educated, the number of jobs are falling short and that is why there is so much of unemployment, especially in big cities. Another factor involving people is higher minimum wages. This result in unemployment among the individuals fired. Global protest movements of young people are a manifestation of their lack of job prospects. Unemployment is the state where individuals seeking jobs remain un-hired. Cyclical unemployment refers to a state in which claims in the economy fail to offer jobs to people. Doing this is something which is not very wise simply because if you realize that your current location does not hold much potential for you and your career, you must be willing to relocate. Youth unemployment rates are significantly higher than adult unemployment rates in both developed and developing countries. Most often than not, our parents encourage us from a very tender age to become either doctors or lawyers or are encouraged to dream big. Economic recession links directly with economic inflation. The fifth cause is advances in technology.
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Causes of Unemployment: 7 Main Reasons