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Some schools offer programs focusing on child and family studies, while others offer degrees in psychology; students should to determine the program focus that fits their career plans and review the courses offered.

The Association of Child Life Professionals lists certain courses that are required to become a certified child life specialist. A few internships are offered at the undergraduate level but are more common in graduate programs. Though the Child Life Council does not certify colleges and other educational institutions, it maintains an online database of child life academic programs in the United States and Canada.

The undergraduate degree program at the David B. Child life specialists also work closely with a child's family, including parents and siblings, to educate them about the healthcare process.

child life specialist certification programs

Basic Medical Terminology: Although not taught in all programs, child life specialists will need to become familiar with some basic terminology in order to better communicate with medical professionals. Child life specialists are often hired directly from educational programs and after obtaining certification into work facilities like hospitals.

There are opportunities for specialists who wish to work primarily on their own as well.

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An older child aged going in for surgery may have different needs. The degree also meets and exceeds child life certification standards ensuring that graduates are well equipped to begin work in the field. Hospital Protocol: Many child life specialists in training do not have extensive knowledge of basic hospital protocols. In one of the healthcare industry's most rewarding professions, child life specialists are responsible for providing much needed emotional support to children, their siblings, and their parents during a time of great stress. Programs may offer a degree in Child Life, a concentration within a human development field, or a minor in Child Life. Disadvantages Emotional Strain: Some child life specialists work with children who have terminal illnesses that require assistance for many years. The program is housed in the Psychology and Counselor Education Department and offers 3 separate tracks to best accommodate students who have different educational experiences. Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies Family and child studies majors analyze family development, dynamics and relationships.
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How Do You Become a Child Life Specialist?