Competency goal 2 communication infants and toddlers

I think that we in to encourages learning of both languages through everyday experiences and activities. Some examples, When I helped at Bulldog Preschool we always would ask questions for the children to burst their curisoity.

Competency goal 2 communication infants and toddlers

Sensitivity to palpable stimulus is continually gained throughout infancy, and by early childhood, children gain incredible amounts of knowledge through this sense. One lesson was about building a building using wooden blocks. I will advance physical and intelluctual competence by using four things. My lesson plans will have things such as time, shape, colors, and numbers. With toddler, creativity can be learned through pretend play and dress up. Through gross and fine motor developmental skill building, young children are primarily using their senses, of touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste, to start making sense of the world around them and giving meaning to the information being obtained. I will support and in courage but never force children who are fearful of physical activity. I will advance in the physical area by arranging and encouraging physical activities, knowing how children physical development affects their cognitive, social, and emotional development. I ask open-ended questions; play verbal guessing games, memory games, and other sensory motor activities.

You should also support the children to understand, while stimulating the children to play with sound, rhythm, and language as a way to express creative abilities. We have an Enrichment Center where I like to take the children each week.

I could do this by providing outdoor equiptment, indoor exercising time, and a period of time each day to let off some energy and get some exercise. The sense of smell is in many ways tied into taste.

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This game really gets them thinking. Taste is also a key factor in exploration, especially during the first year of life when they seem to put just about everything they can get their hands on in their mouths. As the provider I will continue to encourage children to try new things and reinforce the positive of what they already know about the world around them.

They are also encourage to try to read a couple of sight words found in the easy reader books.

Competency standard 2 preschool

I will encourage the children to participate in the activities but I ill not force them to be a part. We make sure that all children have equal opporutnityto learn on all developmental levels and are able to learn also. In order for me to promote physical development I will need to provide a variety of equiptment, activites, and opportunities such as a period of time for outdoor play or even just an exercise activity. During circle time we also discuss why being physical is healthy. For mobile infants, repetition of what they are seeing is a great why to promote verbal communication. Another child suggested that to use two yellow pencils. Children really like when I interact and acknowledge what they have to say. In order to promote physical development in my classroom I will need to provide a variety of equiptment, activities, and opportunities for my students. In conclusion, I believe children boost physical and intellectual competence through hands-on and sensory activities provided by the trained educator.

I could also plan outdoor nature walks and field trips that would allow them to exercise and also learn at the same time.

The second thing is using cognitive. I will enhance on their communication development by reading a loud and asking questions and discussing the books we have read.

Competency goal 2 essay

Children can be so creative if given the opportunity. January 16, at AM kristin said Functional Area 3- Communication My goal is to give children various opportunities to gain effective communication skills by practicing public speaking. To promote intellectual development I will need to provide activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving that are suited to the intellectual level and learning style of the children I am teaching such as a treasure hunt or a blind folded sense test. Functional Area 2-Cognitive One of my goals is to have various activities available to help with cognitive development. Because children first learn about their world through their senses, I make it a point to include sensory activities in the curriculum. This activity reflects my philosophy of supporting young children's physical as well as mental development because I now that not only is there body growing but also there minds are as well. I will provide labels and dictation around the room. Here at Bulldog Preschool we make sure that all are equipment and activites are approprite with the childs age.
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Ms. Dee's Bulldog Preschool: Competency Goal 2