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I am fully involved in cricket when I play it and it makes my mind focuses on my full mental power at one thing. The transitions on the field and there is no difficulty. I am praying that I may get more chance to see more live matches in the coming days or in the world cup. In badminton, two players encounter each other, and their primary purpose is to win. People from different age group loves to play it and adore cricket from the bottom of their hearts. The continuous running required to stay in the match lubricates my mind and body. But there is one game which is really gaining popularity since mid of 19th century is Football. Well, of course, a visual representation. I tried every game, I played football, cricket, hockey, table tennis, Baseball and many others, but the game which makes my mind relax is badminton. There is an action centre called pitch around which the game is played. No matter what their age, they are into this game and try to show themselves as a professional player. Cricket not only helps me to bear stress but also make me physically active.

Some select football and the reason that it gives us mental and physical toughness, others love cricket, a few have interest in hockey, many like the indoor games like table tennis, Chess, Squash and many others.

It is not so popular in Unites States however played as a most fascinating game in many countries like India, England and Australia.

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However, there is one game whose popularity is accruing by each passing day. Everyone has its taste buds so love game according to their taste. It develops in me a lot of qualities — accuracy, restraint, and balance. In school, we were taught many games, told the rules and strategies. He has to take decisions quickly. After all, sport — the guarantee of health. Earlier it was played in the southern England during 16th century.

The strict rules and pure discipline in a game are constructive because it guides me to regulate my life according to regulations. Cricket matches are generally played for five days with one Rest-Day.

He has to take decisions quickly.

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I started loving the football club Barcelona and still now I am a big fan of that club. It also makes our limbs stronger when we run in the game and when we bowl our forelimbs get strengthen too so this is the whole story of maintaining our whole body in shape.

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Football makes the player a healthy person. When any national or international level cricket game is fixed to play, highly interested people become so excited a week before the start of the game. People from different age group loves to play it and adore cricket from the bottom of their hearts. Both players try their best to defeat their opponent. I never miss any Bangladesh match. Football is a very beautiful game. It is also taught in training. The reason why Badminton is my favorite game is that it makes me happy.

Cricket is the most popular game played in many countries like England, Australasia, West Indies, Indian subcontinent, and Southern Africa. But his legs, too, are taking part in the game, because the jump often enough.

It gives me strength and confidence, and I close my remarks by off again the sound of music. Indeed, this can quickly be done by doing my sport. I enjoy myself when I enter the football field. Cricket match is played with two teams of 11 players in each and whole test match contains two innings of first innings and second innings.

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