Goldman sachs sells reinsurance business plan

We have experienced intense price competition in some of our businesses in recent years.

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They also have the ability to support investment banking and securities products with commercial banking, insurance and other financial services revenues in an effort to gain market share, which could result in pricing pressure in our businesses. A loss of principal may occur. All investors are strongly urged to consult with their legal, tax, or accounting advisors regarding any potential transactions or investments. In anticipation of continued growth in electronic connectivity and online trading, Goldman Sachs has made strategic investments in alternative trading systems to gain experience and participate in the development of this market. YOUR IMPACT Are you a motivated, quick-thinking, collaborative individual with a passion for asset management, looking for the opportunity to build and develop relationships with an existing client base and support a fast-paced team? This information discusses general market activity, industry or sector trends, or other broad-based economic, market or political conditions and should not be construed as research or investment advice. We believe that a significant cause of the growth in short sales, which require the borrowing of securities, has been the rapid increase in complex trading strategies, such as index arbitrage, convertible bond and warrant arbitrage, option strategies, and sector and market neutral strategies where shares are sold short to hedge exposure from derivative instruments. This lawsuit was brought on behalf of purchasers of common stock of MobileMedia Corporation in an underwritten offering in and purchasers of senior subordinated notes of MobileMedia Communications Inc. The CMA shall also not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from reliance placed on the document. The information provided herein does not constitute an offer or solicitation to any person with respect to the purchase or sale of any security. Instilling the Goldman Sachs culture in all employees is a continuous process, of which training is an essential part. High yield fixed income securities are considered speculative, involve greater risk of default, and tend to be more volatile than investment grade fixed income securities. This document may not be reproduced or distributed to any person without the prior consent of GSAMA To the extent that this document contains any statement which may be considered to be financial product advice in Australia under the Corporations Act Cth , that advice is intended to be given to the intended recipient of this document only, being a wholesale client for the purposes of the Corporations Act Cth. Employees Management believes that one of the strengths and principal reasons for the success of Goldman Sachs is the quality and dedication of its people and the shared sense of being part of a team.

We believe that investment research is a significant factor in our strong competitive position in debt and equity underwritings and in our generation of commission revenues. Of course the actual strategy followed by Global Atlantic could be a mix of the above or simply a typical reinsurance business with access to investment and hedging strategies provided by Goldman Sachs.

Our prime brokerage activities provide multi-product clearing and custody in 50 markets, consolidated multi-currency accounting and reporting and offshore fund administration and servicing for our most active clients. The Goldman Sachs companies involved in any such activities do not maintain any licenses, authorisations or registrations in Taiwan.

Prospective investors should inform themselves as to any applicable legal requirements and taxation and exchange control regulations in the countries of their citizenship, residence or domicile which might be relevant.

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The services described herein may not be offered to Taiwan resident investors unless they are made available in and from a jurisdiction outside Taiwan. Inapproximately two-thirds of our employees participated in Community TeamWorks.

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If the interests or financial products do become available in the future, the offer may be arranged by GSAMA in accordance with section A 2 b of the Corporations Act. Our strategy with respect to each merchant banking fund is to invest opportunistically to build a portfolio of investments that is diversified by industry, product type, geographic region and transaction structure and type. European Union directives also permit local regulation in each jurisdiction, including those in which we operate, to be more restrictive than the requirements of such directives and these local requirements can result in certain competitive disadvantages to Goldman Sachs. As a matter of public policy, regulatory bodies in the United States and the rest of the world are charged with safeguarding the integrity of the securities and other financial markets and with protecting the interests of customers participating in those markets, not with protecting the interests of Goldman Sachs' shareholders or creditors. Global Investment Research employs a team approach that provides equity research coverage of approximately 2, companies worldwide, 53 economies and 26 stock markets. Views and opinions expressed are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation by GSAM to buy, sell, or hold any security. We believe, based on currently available information, that the results of such proceedings, in the aggregate, will not have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, but might be material to our operating results for any particular period, depending, in part, upon the operating results for such period. In November , the Commercial Court granted Goldman Sachs International's application for a stay of the action pending the outcome of arbitration proceedings between Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. These capabilities cover many of our fixed income, equities and mutual fund products in markets around the world. There is no assurance that the tax status or treatment of a proposed transaction or investment will continue in the future.

A loss of principal may occur. Externally, we have invested in electronic commerce concerns such as Bridge Information Systems, Inc.

Goldman sachs sells reinsurance business plan

Real estate risks include, but are not limited to, fluctuations in the real estate markets, the financial conditions of tenants, changes in building, environmental, zoning and other laws, changes in real property tax rates, changes in interest rates and the availability or terms of debt financing, changes in operating costs, risks due to dependence on cash flow, environmental liabilities, uninsured casualties, unavailability of or increased cost of certain types of insurance coverage, fluctuations in energy prices, and other factors. Commissions Goldman Sachs generates commissions by executing agency transactions on major stock and futures exchanges worldwide. Tax treatment or status may be changed by law or government action in the future or on a retroactive basis. Among the financial institutions that earned public notoriety during the banking crisis of , few landed on their feet quite like Goldman Sachs GS. Some of these institutions are larger, better capitalized and have a stronger local presence and a longer operating history in these markets. In our article in January on the sale we discussed the possibility that Goldman Sachs could use the sale as a way to get into the collateralized reinsurance business. Information Technology Technology is fundamental to our overall business strategy. High yield, lower rated investments involve greater price volatility and present greater risks than higher rated fixed income securities Investments in commodities may be affected by changes in overall market movements, commodity index volatility, changes in interest rates or factors affecting a particular industry or commodity. Additionally, we provide financing to our clients through margin loans collateralized by securities held in the client's account. For example, Goldman Sachs provides investment services in and from the United Kingdom under a regulatory regime that is undergoing comprehensive restructuring aimed at implementing the Financial Services Authority as the United Kingdom's unified regulator. For example, equity and debt underwriting discounts have been under pressure for a number of years and the ability to execute trades electronically, through the Internet and other alternative trading systems may increase the pressure on trading commissions. The commodity futures and options industry in the United States is subject to regulation under the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended. Our institutional clients include corporations, insurance companies, pension funds, foundations and endowments. Our technology initiatives can be broadly categorized into three efforts: enhancing client service through increased connectivity and the provision of high value-added, tailored services; risk management; and overall efficiency and control. Many of these firms have the ability to offer a wide range of products, from loans, deposit-taking and insurance to brokerage, asset management and investment banking services, which may enhance their competitive position.

Nonetheless, the company still faces stiff competition from a cadre of other prominent investment banks and major financial institutions.

Views and opinions are current as of the date of this page and may be subject to change, they should not be construed as investment advice.

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