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This ideal target market comprised on 4. The drugs pricing is however not finalized yet. Being overweight leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and gallbladder disease. The conclusion is, Metabical can monopoly big market share in the weight loss industry and with the exclusivity for 10 years will help CSP to gain better profits for future. I believe this is not an effective demand function for Metabical because the audience is too broad. This gives an image of an elite product that is effective, FDA approved and can only be prescribed a doctor. Being overweight often related to a number of serious health problems. This had dampened the production for the weight-loss products. It does not comply with CSP's corporate strategy. In this pricing scenario a feasible number of potential customers will be targeted and captured. Under this weight control tools will have a weight loss tracker, food diary, nutritional and calories calculator. For the customer, the viral marketing strategy will be applied to attract customer to buy the drugs. Generally, if the consumer pays so high, he or she will want to try the medicine for 12 weeks and the effect will be noticeable; Which allows them to come back and buy them again.

Metabical: Positioning and Communications Strategy for a New Weight Loss Drug Metabical is a revolutionary weight loss drug, which Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals expects to be finally approved soon.

The forecast was built in Microsoft excel and can easily be modified if management feels the need to tweak any of the factors.

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Packaging decision is the first thing that needs to be taken care of. The estimate is spread very broad. The marketing message to the target market must address this point. The primary target was patients knowledge and the awareness of Metabical products that can help to solve all their weight problems. The product launch of Metabical was scheduled in January The packaging is sending a message. The percentage of obese had also inversely related with the education level and income level.

This means that Metabical can gain more profit from the total of net profit based on the table above. Other than that, the mailing strategies forhealth care providers will also include during this campaign which included an information pamphlet about the drug and reply card offering a sample of the support program.

Second event would be a medical research symposium that was open to members of the media and to medical professional.

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Promotions Campaign For every year, CSP will have to do a promotion campaign that will focus on urban area such as the big cities at United States. Most data comes from market research. This studied demographic contains individuals who are ready to take a pill to lose weight.

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