Multinational corporations are they devils in disguise

Role of multinational corporations

The devil exploits those who supply the product, it enslaves them by purchasing merchandise at a very low cost that is impossible to make money with; by removing the suppliers from the list if they do not obey their request and by organizing with the working word to destroy economically someone that does not comply with their request. Amazon is also selling italian food and many other MNCs did introduce italian brand names or high quality electronic products that are meant only for the professional sector and that were usually sold in small stores. Because in our country, the unemployment is the major problem for our company. If my theory is true this big corporations are all set to their own destruction because they are stealing jobs from the small business and probably keeping mafia connections. When we establish MNC in our country the problem is solved nd we gain knowledge nd experience. They doesn't care about job security, career growth etc. They increases the rate of economic growth of our country. Yes definitely these have some adavantages and disadavantages. Every coin has two sides. There are many cases of mental health problems in these employees. We also have brains. It was and MNC selling electronics, like watches, calculators and things to bring at school. And they are very help to increase GDP tremendously of any country because the are Major tax payers to the country and MNC's are helps to any country for growing at recession time".

We like to be dependent always. We also have brains. The pay scale of Indian employees of these companies is less compared to foreign employees of the same companies.

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Kindly excuse me if I had hurt any one's feelings. We should remember one thing thing, all MNC's are not foreign invasion to our country. Even there are many engineering colleges but they are not able to provide skilled engineers.

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My own idea of a franchise system without corruption was that a franchise does not want to sell anything meant to be sold into small stores because it attracts mafia and it brings, probably, counterfeit products into the brand names. We should focus that our revenue should go to our domestic market, not to other countries.

Many are saying that, they are employing at cheaper rates.

Negative effects of multinational corporations

I am also an engineer. Then for the low wages they offer, and its only for the freshers and when the probationary period is over, they are offering good salaries. They showed us how to utilize the resources of country into money and development. Greater the salary. India need MNCs to become developed country. I assume that the owners of too many franchise stores are selling products with brand names that a franchise system does not want. I know there are lot of criticisms regarding such but it has more of advantages than disadvantages. India, being a nation with huge percentile of educated and unemployed population, MNC's stood as a one stop solution for all these problems. Working hours is more. Imagine is these people are working in Indian companies how it will be? They use our mind and talent to develop themselves and sustain in the corporate world. Thats all what i wanted to say.

Positives: 1. Greater the salary. I don''t understand the real reasons why a franchise shuts down a store when doing good and all I can think about is this: if there is mafia they shut it down.

India is a developing country.

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Multinational Corporation: Are they devils in disguise?