Political science yale senior essay

The first should be for an essay proposal of pages.

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But keep in mind that Yale professors are also very busy people, with multiple responsibilities. You must also send an electronic copy to the DUS Office undergrad. If you are like most Yale students, your senior essay will be the longest paper you have written to date.

In the form that the DUS provides to you, explain your background, previous coursework, and any relevant experiences you have had. In order to pursue this option, they must recruit an adviser who is willing to work with them to develop a reading list and fulfill all of the other tasks involved in writing the essay.

I'm planning to write my senior essay in a seminar.

Political science yale senior essay

If you need this class to fulfill your field distribution requirement, please make an appointment to meet with the DUS. Another valuable resource is reference librarians, both in the Social Science library and elsewhere in the Yale library system. The proposal deadline should fall around the third week of classes. Be sure to discuss this matter early with your adviser, and both of you should consult the Yale Human Research Protection Program and review the Educational Resources available on their website. Application deadlines are posted on our Undergraduate Funds Page. You must number the pages. Introduction One of the requirements of the Political Science major is the senior essay. Please check the Undergraduate Program Deadlines Page to learn the date the senior essay is due and know that it is due no later than p. Your adviser can help you to develop an understanding of what the relevant primary materials might be for your chosen topic, and how to go about finding, assembling, and analyzing them. Please know that extensions can only be granted by your residential college dean. You must have a bibliography or reference section. Once the DUS has signed your form, you will receive a green permission key and will be allowed to seal your schedule. He or she will ask the DUS to sign your form.

Year-long essays are expected to be substantially longer than a regular term paper. You are required to pay careful attention to footnoting or end-noting. All senior majors must complete and receive a passing grade on the essay in order to graduate.

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Instead, please send an electronic copy only to undergrad. That information is available here: Click here for important information on the senior essay.

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In other words, applying to a seminar is the first step in recruiting your adviser.

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Year Long Senior Essay