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I have believed in merger and the unity of these two territories. The progressive left went on to form the Barisan Sosialis in August People moved freely up and down the country from the northern tip of Perlis to the southern tip of Singapore.

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The party held a referendum on 1 September in which over 70 percent of the Singapore population voted in favour of merger. Achieving this economic viability was also crucial for its path to independence, as it was unlikely that the British would agree to grant Singapore statehood if its economy was unsound.

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The price of food skyrocketed when the transport system was disrupted during this period of unrest, causing further hardship. Remember, Singapore was still part of the British Empire. So he inserted the names to ensure that even if his own popularity collapsed after the arrests, there would be no real alternative to the PAP at the next election. That just makes you a hypocrite. Q: So why would the Federation politicians change their minds and reunify with Singapore in ? Retrieved from NewspaperSG. When the Tunku found out, he furiously accused Lee of manipulating the arrests for his own political gain and refused to allow the arrests to go ahead.

They repeatedly pointed out there was no evidence of any violent communist subversion in Singapore. The external political situation was also tense at the time, with Indonesia actively against the establishment of the Federation of Malaysia.

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If Singapore were to join the federation, it would make Chinese the largest ethnic group: the combined Chinese population of 3. MI5 is the domestic arm.

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Lee did not want to use detentions against the political opposition? Thus, they had consistently supported violent anti-colonial resistance, and did not see this as any different. Singapore: Eastern Universities Press. Communism also stood to be an important reason for the merger. The merger was therefore needed and was necessary; Singapore therefore had also stood to gain from the merger. A: Not quite. While Indonesia branded the scheme as a neo-colonial plot and had announced a policy of Konfrontasi Confrontation against Malaysia in January , the Philippines laid territorial claims on Sabah. Lau, A. This promise was a major plank of the PAP election platform, and had also been personally promised by Lee to the trade union leaders in Q: Right. Lots of effort spent trying to fight the communists and opposition parties instead of developing the country, therefore Malaysia being an anti-communist and would have the funds and equipment to get rid of the communists as such, the Merger was required to stop the communists. Mohamed Noordin Sopiee.

Q: Hold on. A: Yes, Operation Coldstore was scheduled for 16 December The British did not want to see a truly progressive left wing party win the next election, but felt that they could not openly intervene in the political process without opening themselves to accusations of attempting to rig the democratic process.

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Merger with Malaysia