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However, there will be times throughout life when conflict occurs. This group is identifying from their research the strong need for strategic and purposeful planning around design thinking for learning spaces. In trying to make a tangible change, we are striving to create a greater continuity between the Middle and Senior schools by having cross-campus charity fundraisers, among other events. Two students from each homeroom were chosen to represent Years 4, 5 and 6 after submitting applications for the role. A big log can be like Uluru. Job Search. We have been fortunate to lock in a guest speaker for our students, Dr Darlene Lim. From the bus trip out to the Mutijulu community, home of the students we spent our days with, reading the scribbles across the bus seats and hearing them laugh and chatter behind me. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another. Shalom is an Indigenous day and boarding school for students from Prep onwards, and takes its name from the Hebrew word for peace. With such a broad range of people, boarders learn greater understanding and respect of different cultures and backgrounds. At the workshop, parents used materials to explore combinations and permutations in the construction of garden beds. Of course, infrastructure is not the only task of the Council.

The Leaders of Learning primarily work with classroom teachers to support student learning and teacher practice.

This year marks We are very excited to see the increased level of engagement in our community through the new OGCA website, Geelong College Connect pages 42, 44 and Although they missed out on the finals, we ha.

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An exciting program of events has now been finalised for next year to celebrate our th Anniversary. It is important to note that as children grow and learn together, they also need to have plenty of unstructured activities which give them a chance to negotiate on their own.

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Relationships - I care. Since then, the st. The expo could not have been the event it was without the contribution of the College community.

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The purpose of providing provocations is to challenge thinking, promote discussion, and predominantly to encourage wondering.

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