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These markets have tried to create a SME friendly market architecture supported by effective institutions and forging links to policies that foster a new class of investable equities.

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According to Popait becomes a common place to speak of SMEs as an engine of economic growth for any European Union country In order to do reference to the matters that represented to these inspirations.

Venture companies in the service industry with sales of less than 10 billion Won each saw their sustainable growth rate tumble by The problem with SMEs begins at the infancy stage; most of the SMEs are small-sized that are started by the owner based on experience gained in a particular industry The terms and condition have varied considerably over the years.

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As Collis and Hussey state 'you may find it difficult to understand the events in a particular period of time without knowledge of what went on before and what may follows' Collis and Hussey,p. The most important source of start-up capital comes from entrepreneurs and owner-managers themselves as their own retained profits, savings, remortgages, or perhaps money raised from the 3 Fs' family, friends and fools, Deakins and Freel, Similar to opportunity costs in economics, there are numerous opportunities and benefits in working for a large organization but they come at a cost Although the importance of SMEs to the UK economy continues to grow, unfortunately so does the barriers to finance at the start up and to grow and run the business and burden of regulation, imposes rules, and so on.

The advantages of cloud computing include remote access to data and services, Software as a service SaaS Business models, remove internal costs with managed services, enjoy easy up scaling of data requirements Advantag Introduction Small and medium sized scale enterprise SMEs occupies the crucial position among the worldwide economic activities, particularly in developing country, whose flourish has already became a sign of the rapid development of economy.

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Small SMEs in Business