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A high school education can suffice in this job, but the candidate must usually have two or more years of industry experience. These professionals usually work for insurance and benefits companies, or local government agencies. More insurance underwriters and their assistants are using automated software, which negatively impacts demand for their services.

References It does forecast job opportunities for insurance underwriters, which will only grow 6 percent in the next decade -- slower than average compared to most occupations. They may qualify for higher-paying jobs once they have two to five years of experience assisting underwriters.

These professionals may also earn more in certain industries. Salary by Region Inaverage salaries for underwriting assistants varied significantly within certain U. Our client in the Manufacturing industry is looking for a Financial Manager. Our well established client in Irene, Centurion is seeking a professional, confident and diligent HR and Financial Administrator to join their team.

They hire underwriting assistants to help them analyze information on insurance applications, screen clients based on company criteria, and evaluate recommendations with underwriting computer software.

how to become an underwriting assistant

Moreover, underwriting assistants, as underwriters, may find more job opportunities in the health care industry. Sometimes the AOs are entrusted upon to verify the risk proposals and authorization of claims. These are the requirements of underwriters -- a position in which many assistants will eventually get promoted.

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Salary: Underwriting Assistant