Writing a book with a co-author contract

And even if the publisher can only charge the account of the non-participating author, what if that account is not sufficient to cover the total costs of the replacement party?

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I have a lot of opinions on this, and I do recommend it. Collaborating with an attitude of "I trust you, my peer" will add value to your writing. This is critical!

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Send partial drafts to each other? Who will write what? How will proceeds be shared?

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Keep in mind, even those who do not qualify as joint authors for copyright purposes for example, individuals who made an important — but not copyrightable -- contribution to the finished work may still share in the profits and control of a work through an appropriate contractual arrangement.

The other writer did not do her share. The business man kept us on track and he also kept me from killing the psychiatrist.

Co authorship issues

Any joint owner may, without the consent of the other joint owners, grant a non-exclusive license in the work to third parties, but one joint owner cannot transfer ownership of the work or grant any exclusive license without the participation of all other joint owners. And in that prior contractual relationship, each author may have unrecouped sums in his or her account. Get their perspective into the light of day. Also, work with someone who will be truthful to you about what he or she is thinking and feeling and who will listen to you. I'd also recommend that you think about what financial investment each of you are willing to make to promote the book -- publishers are notoriously cheap when it comes to these matters. The other one I wrote with a friend was originally her idea. Who will write what? Try to be as specific as possible about what is to be delivered, and the time for delivery. Keep in mind that as co-authors, absent a written collaboration agreement dealing with the point, the law presumes the collaborators to be equal owners of all rights in the book and that would presumably include all rights in any contracts related to the book. Depending on your needs, it may need to be modified for you.
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Author Collaboration Agreement